Why do I start this web site?

hello everyone,

I have tried many times to keep a blog but I could not. This time I need the web site which I should able to write any thing without being sign in.

Therefore I decided to install a media wiki. It can reachable from wiki.shavur.com I will use that place as a board. Sometimes when I was out I need to save text,

link, or any note. Unfortunately,  there is nothing to save it for reminder. I used to use my gmail address but it I hate sign in. It is not safe to sign in from stranger computer. There are variety of possibility can happen.

For example that computer has agent app or etc.

Now, whenever I need to save anything I will just got my wiki page save it without log in. It sound like awesome.

Now  I just update the title of this post but I have not answer the question. Yes, I install this blog only because of media wiki. I have already paid the money and I installed the wp too.

If you have any question let me know..

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