this is another post I hate to write a title so forgive me.

Hello all the world who able to reach this website. I know that it is not a good enough but this is the best I can do.

Do you know why I am here ? I am here because I got bored and I decide to through out everything. Recently I have started my second semester at school. I am taking three classes and they are really tough actually all classes which master level are so difficult. However it is kind of boring. But this semester I did something different then last semester I took Ice skating class and it is nice. After two class I am able to do that. This makes me feel good and the other thing I have started to play soccer with my friend every Saturday.

Now, I have 3 three homework two of them due to this Friday other one is Monday. They take long time to solve them. There is some subject I have to study because I forgot a lot of thing after  I graduated in 2010.

In conclusion, thank you listen to me. One of the biggest problem in 21 century is loneliness. Thank you spending time with me.

Have a wonderful day. Good luck…

Where I have been :)

I want to confess that I am a terrible writer. What do you think ? I can hear that you says yeas you are. I am not only horrible writer but also my voice is not good too.


Today I do not want to write but let me share some a nice video from youtube. Just listen you will like it I am sure. Have nice day!!!


What is the success ?

Last three maybe more than that I am not happy. There is something wrong with me and  I cannot find it what it is. I have thought that it might be religion but I am sure not.

Today something which I have not had for a long time happened. I was participate a seminar I want to be a honest I thought it is going to be sucks. However, it is not bad actually it was what i need. The professor was talking about success. What is the success ? According to who ?

All people want be success is a known reality. Some of them understand what formula (Or it is better to say rule of the game) of being success is. Not only they know how to play also they put the rule with purpose or not. Let me give the professor example, there is a professor publish 100 research papers per year. It is true 100. It is amazing ha.? Let look the some detail. One year is the 365 days. When we  do a simple math 365/100 is equal 3.65 that means he wrote 4 days a paper. I cannot imagine the quality of the this research paper. When he doing this unbelievable thing. Other scholars start to make more research paper and more. This reduce the quality. I am going to out of topic stop here. This is kind of game> Remember that when we are child we played a card game and the goal was make more card. If you are playing this car, the card has a meaning but what if not.  I think if I don’t play this game it is just peace of paper. I do not want to plat this game.!!!

What is the success ?

Success is what you want to be and what you are doing to be for. If  you compare your self with that professor you already lose it I can give you guaranty. Another good thing  got from the seminar. Why do we  I  allow people to measured our own success. I want  to tell those people stop. Trying to tell me that  I am success or not this is my business.

All of us know from primary school. If you want to compare apple, only you can compare apple the both side of the scale. Now, why we are trying to compare apple and orange or banana. why!!!

The lastly, I want to say that I want to be what  I am. Not my parent or other people want to I am be.

3-4 years  ago I watched the a documentary it was about all we are same.  I want to share a scene from documentary.


Why do I start this web site?

hello everyone,

I have tried many times to keep a blog but I could not. This time I need the web site which I should able to write any thing without being sign in.

Therefore I decided to install a media wiki. It can reachable from I will use that place as a board. Sometimes when I was out I need to save text,

link, or any note. Unfortunately,  there is nothing to save it for reminder. I used to use my gmail address but it I hate sign in. It is not safe to sign in from stranger computer. There are variety of possibility can happen.

For example that computer has agent app or etc.

Now, whenever I need to save anything I will just got my wiki page save it without log in. It sound like awesome.

Now  I just update the title of this post but I have not answer the question. Yes, I install this blog only because of media wiki. I have already paid the money and I installed the wp too.

If you have any question let me know..